Welcome to deetlebop.com.  We offer a variety of photography services from fine art prints, to stock photographs to private photo shoots.

“So who is deetlebop” you might ask.  deetlebop is the husband and wife duo of Joseph Castro and Marlo Doll-Castro.

Joseph and Marlo Castro

Marlo Doll-Castro

With a flair for the arts and the creative, Marlo has been a photographer since the late 80’s.  She has traveled the world from Saudi Arabia, to Egypt to most of Europe…always with a camera in hand.  After attending art school, Marlo entered the world of banking where she brought creative solutions to project management.  Marlo is the “creative force” behind deetlebop.

Joseph Castro

Joseph has been fascinated with technology since he was a child.  With 4 children of his own, he always had a camera in-hand for his kids school or sporting events.  As an IT manager, software developer and web design, he lives in the world of technology.  Joseph is the “technical force” behind deetlebop.

deetlebop art

At deetlebop art, we sell unique fine prints and framed photographs that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for something unique and a special gift for someone or a beautiful picture to showcase in a room or office, take a moment to browse our offerings.

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deetlebop stock

At deetlebop stock, we offer royalty-free stock photography.  There is no complicated licensing here, one price gets you the highest resolution at our disposal.

Our goal is to provide high-quality photographs that you can incorporate into your own artistic endeavors.  As such, we strive to provide photographs that are native from the camera with as little post-processing as possible.

We’re continually adding new photographs so check back often. There will always be something new and exciting!

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